They stood on the beach and looked at the white boat sailing away from the pier. The inscription onboard was “Alchemy”.

- So, it is a dream- she sighed.
He nodded in response. They were silent for a moment, and then looked at each other. They both got the same idea. It only remained to be said.
- It’s a good title for a band, - she said.
- Exactly!
He was jubilating. He picked up a stone from the sand, tossed it into the air, and then he concluded as he caught the stone:
- So, “Alchemy”!..

It all began more then ten years ago on a cloudy autumn day when a seventeen-year-old girl, who never took off her sunglasses, came to the audition. The band was looking for a vocalist. On her way she was trying to learn by heart the lyrics of the song she was going to perform with her friend – the keyboard player. The name of the song was “It’s all so quiet”. According to Bjiork’s version, the composition should sound unique enough to be remembered and loud enough to be well regarded. But...the keyboard player wasn’t ready and hadn’t learned the song. Going through the folds of her skirt, the pretender stood in the corridor and frantically tried to think of what song to sing in front of the assembly hall. There weren’t too many songs known by her and her friend, the keyboard player. Besides, she wanted to be original. He suggested the variants and she recalled the songs. In that moment the hall door opened and a tall man in a black leather vest came out. He looked down at two teenagers and smiled:

- Hi! I am Victor.
- And… I’m Jane, - the girl murmured and, as if regaining control, she took off the sunglasses.
- OK. What are you going to sing, Jane?
- Let it be.
- Well, let it be. Come into the hall and warm up. I’ll be back in ten minutes. He went away. Jane and the keyboard player walked into the hall, settled down at the grand piano and started to discuss the oncoming performance violently, but in whisper. Neither of them could remember the second verse!..
- Don’t worry! You will sing the first and then you’ll be thrown out, - keyboard player assured her.
- Why so?!
- Well, you will have to sing into a microphone. And you have never sung into one before. That junk you have at your house doesn’t count, so…
- Damn it all! It would have been better if you had gotten ready for the song that I wanted to sing!
- What would be better?
- I would rather look strange, then silly, like now!..

He said nothing. Victor came back.

- Are you ready?
- I am ready, - said Jane and gave a spiteful look at the keyboard player.
- Then go ahead.

The second verse was not really necessary. She sang the first verse twice. It seemed that no one noticed it.

And she liked very much singing into a microphone. It came up so loud…having finished, she looked at Victor. He was silent. There was a mysterious half-smile was on his face, brooding eyes, he took stock of her. It wasn’t clear whether he was in scoff or he liked it indeed

- Where did you learn English? – he finally asked.
- At school.
- Hmm…
He paused a little, and then uttered a secret phrase:
- Rehearsal on Tuesday. Don’t be late.

She was not late. Well if only a little. And from that moment everything began to turn around. Victor had some serious musical projects, records, studios, and concerts... And Jane had so many bands, that she couldn’t remember all the names of them, though she had titled them herself. In reality, it was the same band; only the name was changed weekly, but Jane didn’t tell anyone about it. So, her track record was very impressive. Victor received a music education, even taught it for a while. She didn’t even manage to finish musical school, she dropped out of it. It was boring. He was fond of "Deep Purple” and she liked Bjiork. He wanted to play rock music while she liked to experiment.

The word "Crazy" was present in their title at that time. However, fans did not even have any doubts about that feature. They sang songs, which were referred to as the “golden hits” by club art directors. That’s what it was. There was some fabulous vinaigrette of present day ballads, good old rock-n-roll and up to the minute singles. It was the right thing to pick up club visitors from the seats, make them dance and sing along. She sang as she could. It was confusing at first, but no one seemed to notice it after a couple of beers.

By the way, visitors of the club were no less crazy, than the musicians. Sometimes the show placed in the hall outshined stage happenings. People didn’t control their feelings. Musicians often washed down beer or treated with vodka from a beer mug. Some visitors got rid of clothes, when it was hot, and danced in coats, when it was cold. Sometimes people lost their consciousness straight on the dance floor or started a fight on a background of a touching love ballade.

…No matter what, they liked to appear in clubs, but they knew it was without future. Eventually, they got tired of it. They had to move on. They had a lot of their own songs by that time. But after listening to them, Victor and Jane decided that their songs were catastrophically old-fashioned. It was necessary to create new ones, and inspiration was required so they went on a trip. Spain, sea, white yacht… Alchemy. This is where the title came from. Then there was Madrid with its mysterious and unfathomable night life. There were ideas. Then, windy and fun Amsterdam liberated them from the past shackles. After that, London, where every sound comes up to music, gave the freedom and Muse creation.

The first album, “Love alchemy,” took more than 10 years to record. It was like a blanket of patchwork, made up of different songs with different characters, different moods. And this was a love story. Searches and losses, euphoria and frustration, passion and fear…it was a long journey. It started in St. Petersburg, on the underground floor with the old computer. Looking back at the past, Victor and Jane only shrugged their shoulders in response to the question where they finally want to be.

- There are no limits, except those we imagine ourselves, - Victor said — we can get anywhere.
- If I were born near the seaside, - Jane reasoned, - perhaps, I wouldn’t need anything else. But as far as I was born and grew up in the city, my sea was inside me. I knew it, but couldn’t stop looking for it. It is time to show it to someone. Perhaps, someone will tell me where to find it?..